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Create, send, and measure the impact of your internal communications campaigns

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Maximise every single communication

Communications Manager makes it easy to measure when, where, and how often your employees engage with your internal comms. Here, you can track email performance and audience engagement to gain insight into what works for your people.

Continuously communicate

Continuously communicate

The key to successful comms is to ensure they're regular, relevant, and relateable. Using Communications Manager, you can segment messaging to any employee, anywhere, based on their data or activities. You can deliver a truly tailored message.

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Communications that hit home

Communications that hit home

Using our global calendar and content library, you can centrally control communication. You can improve email planning, prioritise key messages, and avoid duplication by viewing all planned and sent emails on an enterprise-wide calendar.

Find out how we built a great communications campaign for our friends at Plusnet

Plusnet: Tailored communications

Realtime tracking in OneHub

Real-time tracking

You can measure the real-time impact of your internal communications with Analytics Manager. See how your communications perform; understand the reach and impact of your communications and campaigns; improve content, campaign and channel effectiveness to achieve your business goals.

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Communicating EVP via OneHub's communications manager

Beautiful content

Nothing engages quite like beautiful content. With Communications Manager, you can create relevant and captivating content, targeted specifically to the employees you want to receive it.

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Measure and improve

Actionable insights

Like your business, your communications will grow and evolve. Discover insights to improve engagement, monitor the impact on the wider business, and demonstrate the value of internal communications.

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