People analytics

With OneHub's powerful people analytics, you can make smarter decisions, backed by data, in real-time. Gain in-depth insights and have a complete overview of how your people interact with your company

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Smart decisions, backed by data

Focused on driving business performance (as a result of exceptional employee experiences), OneHub People Analytics works to empower HR & Benefit leaders in the boardroom. How? By providing the instant insight you need to make better strategic business decisions.

Using data to analyse your benefits scheme


Make better people decisions

With the right data, instantly, and at your fingertips, OneHub empowers you to make better decisions. Whether your strategy is to deliver cost savings, increase return on investment, or drive engagement, with predictive insight, you can make quick and effective decisions.

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Where to next? Insights you can rely on

Track your data using OneHub's real-time analytics dashboards, interactive charts and graphs. Gain in-depth and shareable insights into your business. From these, you will be able to make decisions about where to take your strategy in order to achieve your objectives, whatever they are.

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Track what really matters

Plan, model, and share your findings throughout your organisation, all from one platform. Our People Analytics dashboard simplifies your planning and decision-making, enabling you to explore possible outcomes for all scenarios.


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Real insight. Real time.

OneHub automatically collects data encompassing your entire employee experience, analyses it, and then delivers you back the insights you need to improve your business. In real time. 

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