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Total Reward Statements

Tell your employees what it all means

Picture the scene; you have a fantastic reward and benefits scheme and your employees are suitably impressed, but not quite sure how impressed they should be. In our experience, showing your employees exactly what they are getting works wonders – and now you can do it from one great place.

Using our very own RewardHub technology, we bring you real-time Total Reward Statements.Total Reward Statements (TRS) are a fantastic way of reminding employees exactly how much you are investing in them and what they get as a result. This keeps them feeling valued and reminds them exactly how much their employment with your company is worth. Using our very own RewardHub technology, we bring you real-time Total Reward Statements.

We currently produce Total Reward Statements for over 300,000 employees and have improved employee engagement and retention as a result (we’re chuffed about that too!).

The perfect answer to all your questions
Whether your employee benefits package is with Benefex or someone else, we can supply a fantastic TRS that will support everything you offer (or plan to offer) your employees.

The technology has been designed and created by Benefex and works as part of RewardHub. This means all the features can be shaped and moulded by our fantastic in-house team to suit your needs.

We also have our communications team on hand to make TRS look pretty. This can be done to fit in with your existing brand (or we can create a new brand, if you need one).

Get in touch to find out how we can create the perfect TRS for you and your employees. 

Bring everything you offer together 
TRS isn’t just for traditional employee benefits. As an employer, it is likely that you offer training, social events and much more to your employees. These can sometimes be forgotten in the grand scheme of things but our TRS will feature everything and anything. This gives your employees an overview of how great you really are. 

Online, offline and whenever you choose 
We can create a TRS that works online, on paper or both. You can also choose to have yearly, monthly or real time updates. This all depends on what works best for your employees and we can help you make informed decisions as to what format and frequency is best. .

Still not sure? 
A good TRS will help your employees understand and appreciate their benefits package whilst stopping them focusing on just their take home pay.  It will also increase employee loyalty and make it easy for them to see that you are the best employer around. 

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