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Let Benefex do all the hard work


Companies are now obligated by law to automatically enrol their employees into a qualifying pension scheme. Whilst auto-enrolment can be complex, we’re experts in this field. From assessment to auto-enrolling employees and all the communications and opt-outs in between, we manage the whole process using our very own auto-enrolment technology, Enroller.

Enroller is a module of RewardHub that can work on its own or as part of a wider online package. It can support your existing pension provider (if you have one) and you can use more than one pension provider if required. It can also seamlessly manage the migration from your existing auto-enrolment provider. Get in touch to find out more about migration to Enroller.

Regulated and compliant

Using the Enroller module, our team will take care of everything you need to make auto-enrolment completely seamless and compliant. This includes all assessments, eligibility, administration, reporting, opt-ins and opt-outs. You can also leave all the necessary paperwork and employee queries in the capable hands of our Employee Support Centre.

When it comes to ensuring your employees understand the changes and process involved in auto-enrolment, communications are key. Our Engagement team can design and deliver exciting and informative communications, which will be managed and sent out via Enroller depending on what stage of the auto-enrolment process an employee is at. The team understand that every workforce is different and can create a campaign to target yours personally. Find out more about what they can do for you.

Don’t take our word for it… Enroller is award-winning

Benefex client E.ON won ‘Best Auto-Enrolment Implementation’ at the Pensions Age Awards in 2014 and ‘Best Auto-Enrolment Project’ at the Payroll World Awards in 2013.

No matter what stage of auto-enrolment your organisation is at, we can help. Get in touch to find out how Enroller can take care of auto-enrolment for you.

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