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Communicating your message

Get the message across

Once you’ve got a fabulous employee benefits package in the pipeline, you’ll need even more fabulous communications (or comms, if you want to keep it cool) to tell your employees all about it. The great thing about Benefex is that we can do the comms for you, and we can do it well.

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Why comms?
You could have the best flexible benefits package in the world, but if your employees don’t know about it (and aren’t given a gentle reminder about it every now and then), it won’t work. The communications tell your employees what they need to know.

Everything you do or say forms part of an overall strategy, from the overall branding to the actual words on the page, and our Engagement team can create this around what you want to achieve.

How will this really help?
Getting the right message across to your employees will not only make them aware of what’s on offer, but generate interest and engage them. And engaging them can be the real challenge. If we’re honest, not everyone wants to read about health insurance and pensions, so we need to be clever.

What’s more, it is important that the messages all fit together and to do this we can work with your existing internal brand, or create a whole new one.

We know lots of different ways to engage  employees and will create a scheme that’s perfect for you.

Some communication tools we have recently used include; scratch cards, online interactive quizzes, social media platforms and branded merchandise. We’re also a big fan of guerrilla marketing because it’s quick, adventurous and unexpected - providing high impact and maximum excitement. 

Don’t worry, we always plan the comms (and goodies) around the message, and will provide an array of suitable options.

Can Benefex really do comms?
We’re more than an employee benefits company. We’re a company that offers you everything you need in-house, which means our comms team are just as good (if not better) than all our other services.

The award-winning team is a great mix of skills and personalities. Half of them handle the design and the others take care of the strategy and writing. They really do live and breathe comms, especially Simon who heads up the team – you can find out a bit more about him here.

If you were to take a sneaky peek at our competitors, you’d find they don’t take comms as seriously as we do, and they probably don’t have such a fantastic team. You’ll also find that design agencies don’t know employee benefits like we do. We win!

We can prove it
We have a great track record (did we mention we have won some awards?) and always deliver on time and to budget. Because we work alongside all the other teams that play a part in creating perfect reward and benefit packages, we can make sure everything fits together beautifully.

When we’re at snazzy dinner parties we like to boast about the fact we created a full internal brand for M&S or talk about the time we communicated the integration of Cadbury into Kraft Foods to all their employees. We also like to mention our huge portfolio of successful projects that we have delivered to clients such as E.ON and Philips. Woo!

We can do other stuff too
We can do comms for anything - not just the employee benefits stuff. We have lots of clients that keep coming back for more and some that have used us just for communications. Get in touch to find out more.

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