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How we approach projects

What happens when you pick us?

Whether you want a flexible benefits scheme, an auto-enrolment solution or a few apps from our new Marketplace, we will make sure you’re well looked after. 

We have nearly 150 people in our offices and they’re all on hand to help deliver the best online employee benefits programme around. 

Cogs with all parts of the business labelled.

Getting the party started
The first team you’ll meet when you speak to us is our awesome Sales team. They’re here to offer guidance and advice and will work with all our other teams to create the perfect package. Don’t worry, they’re less like sales people and more like your long lost friends. 

Clever Consultants
Once you’ve decided that we are the ones for you (and you’ve had enough of the sales team’s bad jokes), they’ll send you off in the direction of our Consultants.

These guys will get you through the more specific details of your scheme, understanding your organisation in detail and making sure you’re always getting the best from your employee benefit programme. They’ll also hold your hand through the entire process (physically if needed). 

Engaging employees
When you’ve decided exactly what you want, it’s time for us to get creative. Our Engagement team will work on what your project looks like, whilst our systems team shape the technology. Because we do all this in-house there are no limits. Take a look at our communications page to see what amazing things we can do for you. 

Relax… we have it under control
We always have everything under control and we’re great at sticking to time scales and budgets.

3, 2, 1
Once you’re happy with everything we’ll launch the scheme to your employees. This is our favourite part as every time a client goes live we ring a big gold bell in the middle of our office and everyone claps and cheers, woo! 

Now it’s time for our fantastic Employee Support Centre to step in and work their magic supporting your employees in whatever they need help on within your new program. You can find out more about their superpowers here, but rest assured that they will sort out any issue from your employees directly, quickly and with minimal fuss. 

All day, every day
Now we move onto the day–to-day stuff. We’ll assign you your very own account manager who will be your single point of contact for any of your questions, leaving plenty of room for others on your favourite contacts list.

We’re always on hand to help, every step of the way, no matter what the project is. Get in touch to get started or take a look at our employees to see some of the faces you might find yourself working with.

Our Clients

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