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Anytime Benefits

Goodbye annual enrolment window, hello Anytime Benefits.

​​At Benefex, we understand that each and every employee is unique. They belong to different generations, have diverse interests and their own, unique daily routines. In 2013 we made our technology responsive so that your employees could access their benefits on the go from any smartphone or tablet. Now, with the introduction of Anytime Benefits, they’ll also be able to select and submit benefits at a time that suits them. 

Anytime Benefits give employees the flexibility to make choices throughout the year, instead of having to wait for a fixed enrolment window or ‘life event’ to open up.

As a key part of any flexible benefits package, Anytime Benefits will help you meet the demands of a diverse workforce with an on-demand lifestyle. By giving them what they need, when they need it, your employees will feel more in-control of their reward and benefits than ever before.

Tried and tested 
​We’re really excited about this feature and we’ve been using our wide range of in-house expertise to develop and refine the concept over the past year. In fact we’ve already trialled it with one of our biggest clients and their workforce of 30,000. This has allowed us to make sure it’s workable and in-line with the needs and expectations of both your business and your employees. 

It’s another big step towards truly flexible online benefits and an indicator of the exciting things the future holds for the reward and benefits industry.

Now all we need is you
RewardHub is all geared up and ready to go, and we’ve done all the hard work so that the transition between annual enrolment and Anytime Benefits is as easy as possible. 

We appreciate that some benefits may fit better with a specific enrolment window and so we’ve built in the ability for you to mix and match to create a solution that suits you and fits it perfectly with HMRC and payroll processes and guidelines.

We can also help maximise the opportunities Anytime Benefits offers, with a review of your communication strategy to help you create campaigns that keep you talking to your employees throughout the year.

Contact us today to discuss how Benefex can help you make Anytime Benefits a reality and start empowering employees today.

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