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The Benefex way of life

​Creative space

Our HQ is located in sunny Southampton, with a few of our favourite lunch spots close by. We think our office is pretty cool, but don’t take our word for it, here are a few snaps taken whilst everyone was busy working.

From the pictures above you can see how proud we are of our employees - so proud, we put them on a wall made of grass. Just below that a few of our client names are floating around on a lovely blue sky. 

Bottom right shows the sofas we use for informal meetings, the purple one is a firm (but comfy) favourite. Above that is a glimpse of the kitchen area where we also have TVs, a place to prepare food and more sofas. 

The TVs come in handy for presentations and watching daytime TV during lunch. Benefex favourites include Top Gear, Four Weddings and Home and Away. (Don’t judge us, it’s slim pickings.)

A piece of the Benefex puzzle
The overall headcount in the office is not far off 150. Within that is an array of teams that look after everything from creating benefits packages to building the software they run on.

We’re always looking for newbies. Check out our latest vacancies to see where you could fit into our team.

Perks of the job
We’re a cheerful bunch and we like to do little things to keep it that way.

As a reward for being one year wiser, we get an extra day off on our birthdays.

Twice a year, and a few times in between, we all get together and eat BBQ food or a Christmas dinner, depending on what time of year it is. You can normally catch us letting our hair down after work on a Friday too.

We’re also quite active (and competitive). We have regular team-building events and will be entering the Spartan Super Race this year. Feel free to join us - if you think you’re tough enough.

And sometimes, we celebrate random events, like silly sock day, end-of-the-world-bake-off day and cheese day. Yum.

We’re really proud of our award-winning benefits package, Marvellous. It’s really great (which makes sense because employee benefits is what we do best) and offers all employees a variety of money-saving schemes, healthcare options and ways to look to the future.

We like to help others too. We often collect money for charities including our chosen charity, The Society of St. James, and at Christmas time we donate presents through the Southampton Voluntary Services Toy Appeal.

One more thing
We couldn’t have this page without mentioning our super Social Committee who are the brains behind the events.

Our Clients

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